Weight Of The World
78 / 100

Weight Of The World #1 You Believe

You slept you dreamt and you woke up

the entire night kept showing you how far you wanna go in life

with the things you love and spent most of your time doing and creating.

An opportunity bounce in for you to take charge

And you end up being discouraged by a relative

the scold you and make you feel you are nowhere capable of doing it

you where scared and wouldn’t try to say a word.

And now you’ve been hurt badly, you try to blame people but you there not.

Now you realised that no one is responsible for your future except you…,

You took courage and determination to go after your dreams..

caring less of what people say or do to distract you..

You spend day and night working on your dreams

You challenge yourself and take new task

You deal with all of it and become a star..

You believe you are ready to face the world and prove to those who never believe in you that they are wrong..

Now the world looks up to you as the saviour…

Make them proud.

Life Isn’t All About Succeeding But Carrying The People And Ones You Love Along.

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