Out of nowhere When I was little, my grandma usually
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Out of nowhere When I was little, my grandma usually

Chapter three
Out of nowhere When I was little, my grandma usually takes me to church to pray, and yes I come from a Christian family which is almost
impossible factor in being royalty but all thanks to my dad, after a prayer my grandma allows me to play in the church
compound for a while before we go home not until 4years ago when she passed away but still at 22I still visit the church at my
leisure. So I’ve decided I’ll sleep in the church for the night getting to the church compound every where is mysteriously quiet but I don’t
have a church compound usually, I’m so glad it’s night so no one can recognize me just yet I got down from my horse and made
my way to the huge mahogany door of the chapel, getting in the chaplain was still around.
Good evening Chaplain I bloated out good evening my child and how may I help you….
“Uh I just need a place to stay for the night” I told him
“You can always use the chaplains’ quarters, the convent is already packed up but I think I have two extra room to spare
I had to let go of my pride if I need to stay away from that palace”! thank you very much chaplain, I’m so grateful”
He turn around briskly even at his age, well isn’t he a strong man I thought, gesturing me to follow, walking behind him as though I
was not even existing.

We walked for a couple of minutes through a hall then came out at a well trimmed lawn with fine Callie’s at every edge, we made a
halt at beautiful marble, granite and house, well I must say for a chaplain of this age he sure has a taste….
He ushered me in, quietly closing and locking the door behind us, I took about two minutes to take in the house. It was a nice
portable duplex of four rooms, bathrooms and open floor plan made of oak wood, granite and marble, the house interior was nice sight
I ate a little then he took me to one of his spare room and left almost immediately to his room.

I took my time to explore the room, the room is a well lit and painted room with a black white and fuchsia theme, a plush pink furry
couch and a black and white love seat by the wall in front of the bed, speaking of the bed, it’s a queen size bed with plush pillows
scattered on it in a fashionable way, bed is soft but not as soft as mine back in the palace.
The room has a mini walk-in closet at the far left and a reading desk adjacent to it. I took out my tote bag, placing it on the bedside
table and sat on the bed, “I’ll just wash off later”
Two hours later
Wake up dear, wake up, did I sleep off, oh my God I slept off…seeing the chaplain in nothing but a pair of shorts touching my shoulder got me scared and hyperventilating.

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  1. Ekempee
    June 7, 2020

    Interesting, please continue.

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