Leelt Malishka
72 / 100

Chapter four

Leelt Malishka

I know who you are Leelt Malishka, my eyes grew 10 times more than its normal size, is that really how recognisable I am?, even if, citizens barely saw me when I entered into the church premise.

Are you hearing me?, child I did a sheepish grin knowing fully well that I had known that again, I’m not, I told him they’re here they’re looking for you and they’ve seen your horse so I think you have to hide,
Why are you helping me?, I spoke up almost impatiently, that’s because I have a new small girl, like a daughter to me, she’s around your age,
Oh thank you I told him.

Come follow me he took me to his room but before then I heard knocks on the the door, followed by
he quickly open the bathroom door pulled me in not even allow me to get a proper view of his room he opened the pigeonhole and throughout a foldable ladder gesturing me to climb while I was climbing, he told me “your Highness there is a light switch by your left ok”,
When I got to the top he pushed the ladder in and pulled the whole close living just me alone there I flipped on the switch it was just like a tiny room with a mattress to Leon and lots of food and drinks supply one that can last you a month,
Why would a chaplain have this up here?.

Chaplain Adolph’s POV
While I helped a princess style I secured the bathroom and made sure there was no trace of her here I see the place of the pigeonhole as usual and walked downstairs
A royal guard punched in”where is she where is her Highness”he asked me mediately don’t tell me you don’t know she’s here because we saw her horse beside the church convent
I didn’t want to lie about this maybe I don’t really have a choice
“Well since you said so you can come in and search for yourself cause there’s nothing to hide come on follow me” the followed me in and began the search,
Now boys I wouldn’t want my house to be like a bird’s nest when you’re done just make sure everything is in place like you saw it,
with that I went upstairs to lay down but a guy still followed me all because of their so-called suspicions.

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