Great Words

25 / 100
Don’t Just Blink An Eye Over It, Look Harder It’s Possible.
Until You Withstand Fear, Nothing is Achieved.
You Can Have Results Or Excuses. Not Both.
Knowledge Isn’t Power Until it’s Applied.
You Were Born To Win.
The Most Life Destroying Word Of All Is The Word Tomorrow.
Just Be Different.
Life Is Short Break The Rules.
Be Positive And Take The Responsibilities Of Life And It Will Favor You.
I Know Am Not Liked By Many, But I Will Surely Make Impact On Many. Paul Sampson
Discipline Is Rarely Enjoyable, But Almost Always Profitable.
Just Do It, And Will Get A lot More Easier.
Everything Is hard Before It Is Easy.
Act Like A Lion, Act Like An Eagle If You Wanna Be A True Leader.
Trigger Your Success With Seriousness.
You Lose A Lot Of People When You’re Focusing On Yourself. Don’t Feel Sorry For Evolving.

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