Beyond Suffering

I have a question, and more than a question is an analogy, Some will understand it some will perhaps even judge the idea.
In any case. I would like your feedback.
If you were to find a child on the street, a child who was suffering, perhaps even hurt or injured in some way and this child is obviously in a tremendous need for help.
wouldn’t you do anything possible to help this child ?
But what is it was not a child, instead an adult, a stranger. would you still help?
And what do you think about people that are not behaving in the way that society wants them to behave, People who go through life inflicting pain and misery to others, people who lost their connection to their inner being.
You see, When we took the decision to come into this time space reality, We knew that we were one with our creator, That we were made in the image of God.

That we were created for a divine purpose, But some way, somehow we lost ourselves, We seem to have lost the connection to our divine purpose, to God and that is when suffering begins.
There is no greater pain for ourselves that losing the connection.
And some times we find ourselves criticizing and condemning and even hating those who commit heinous acts. Those my friends are suffering and causing suffering. They think that the way they live their life is the only way to live. Their inner child is hurting and in pain and longing for so much love.

Caption by Jay Juarez

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