Pure Power – Chapter Two

Chapter two

Nowhere near
Gently opening the door to my chambers, I asked my maids to stay back
Zeratti!!…I called out the guard came in front of me at, standing like a rock…”why does my parents demands for my attention…..uhhhhm Le’elt Malyshka I really do not know..I just waved my hand dismissively the we began to walk again
When i reached the door Zeratti pushed the heavily engraved door open, I walked in further into the Chambers ahead of me was a throne-like cushion backing me, I threw my gaze to the left to find my Woyzero, Yusin kneeling face down beside the cushion
Breathing in and out hard, I plasterer a smile on my face “Good evening father and to you mother”,hearing just a small hum from them I took the opportunity to speak “you called for me”?…more like a statement-question my father visibly stiffened, finally his voice boomed in the Chambers “where were you when this little rat, he gestured towards Yusin “burnt your engagement ceremony dress”?
Knowing that this would probably make her loose her job, it was me not Yusin mother stood gaping at me after I dropped the bombshell…….shyka she called me ,”are insinuating what I think ?” Without hesitation I said yes
Mother I cant marry that pervert, that hypocrite that I trailed off ,that rapist I whispered. She kept looking, so I took it as my cue and ran to my Chambers ordered everyone out, I took my tote bag grabbing a blanket, a gown, and two set off underwear’s shoving them into the bag
Slinging the bag I locked the door the pushed my vanity then I saw it to once, the dark passage leading to my stable…., I walked through it as usual then grabbed my horse and rode off through to the back of the palace. i ran As far as I could wen I noticed it’s was sun down I shrugged still riding to my unknown destination.

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