Pure Power – Chapter One

Chapter One

“Oh pure heaven”
“Oh pure heaven”
“Oh pure heaven”
What have I done, WHAT HAVE I DONE ,I couldn’t stop screaming, I’m still hyperventilating, I have to call someone fast
Heading for the door to my chamber everywhere began to get hot, I need to inform someone of my mishap.
Being a princess is not just a bed of Rose, it comes with huge responsibilities and perfection.
“I never wanted this life, all of these” ,I muttered to myself while I got out of my wings, towards the hallway I spotted one of the Woyzero (Lady in waiting).Yusin!! she stopped abruptly and scurries towards me
I fumbled with my dress a little…”uh…uhm.. I need help, she searched my eyes impatiently then I dragged her into my chamber, I stopped
“Uhhhhhmmm….my cloth, I think I put it….uhm I mean my dress is on fire”
Your Highness Le’elt Malyshka with all due respect, this is a huge mess and it has to be cleaned up immediately.
I knew this was coming abruptly her mouth moved bringing our incoherent words as her eyes popped out of it’s socket literally when she spotted the main mess, my dress, my shoes like all my accessories for my engagement were all debris already, smoke was all over the room
Yusin what am I going to do, how am I supposed to tell father and mother that I don’t have the dress and accessories the prince expects me to wear plus the gifts he got.
Yusin what are you doing”…. you can always count on me Yusin replied almost immediately, I’m. going to fix this she Said firmly,
And how’s that supposed to be achieved I asked then she looked at me with hopeful eyes…”I’m going to fix this ok?” She said softly and hurried out of my chambers, finally my maids got back from where I had sent them so I could achieve my plans but deep down I still knew that what I did was wrong and almost unforgivable.
I just decided to rest after my maids had cleaned up my chambers just when I was about to drift off a guard knocked
“Your Highness Le’elt Malyshka your parents demands your presence immediately” he said coolly………uhhh! I’ll be out in a minute I talked over the door silently praying.

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