Lifestyle of Teens

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T – Transmission of deadly disease and curses
E – Engaging in sex, disengages your heart from many meaningful activities
E – Excelling in life becomes practically impossible
N – Nonsense life styles e.g. stealing and cultism
A – Actualizing your dreams and maximizing your potential becomes a big challenge
G – Godly/Goodly virtues are lost
E – Eternity becomes a hard thing to pursue or understand
R – Reproach and shame regular occurrence.

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A Teenager is a person between the age of 13 to 19, there are many mis-conceptions about sex in teenager`s life, some of them say that everybody is doing it, it is just for fun (friendship unto nudity), God understands (body no be wood), it is a show for real love, virginity is old fashion. Another thing that makes sex in Teenagers life is high lust. Lust is the facilitator of sex, the acronym for lust is Looking Under Skirt and Trouser.
When you have lust for someone it means you don`t love the person but you just want his/her body for pleasure.

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Teenagers can be helped from this misconduct through the following ways;
seek for counsel from Godly counselors e.g. Pastors, parents. Read books that address teenagers and their challenges from great authors with testimonies, be contented with what you have, heart/mind with what you feed them with e.g. Facebook, Instagram, dirty books and reality shows etc.

Sex comes with some effect as a teenager is doing it; It leads to stubbornness, unfaithfulness or untimely death, teach ability becomes difficult, holiness is no longer a thing of concern. Teenager should abstain from having sex at an early age and wait for the perfect time.

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