The Rich Kids

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As a child, I grew up in a public compound, were most kids was given the freedom to do what pleases them, because of this, most parents didn`t have the time to check on their kids to know if they were going through some difficulties or pains.

My parents were Christians, so they did train me with the fear of God, which still remains in me till date.

I never love asking my parents for money to buy myself snacks, because I always have this fear that there won`t give me, even if I cry the whole day rather I would be flogged.

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Each time I see my fellow kids enjoying snacks, I was sad because I didn`t have mine.

I had no other option than to make plans and put an end to this, so I invited one of the kids who was so close to me, and shared the plans and ideas with him, which he accepted to join me.

The plan was to use our play time, to go into different streets at 4:30pm to 5:30pm and help the retailers and shop owners throw away their refuse which we would be compensated for it.

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The next day came and we went into the streets to hustle, we were able to throw away (5) five refuse for (5) persons, and each of them compensated us with #100 naira, that makes a total of #500 naira, and we shared the money equally which was #250 naira each. We were done for the day and we returned home, on our way going back, we but #50 biscuits each and decide to save #200 for future use.

When I got home, I hide the money so my parents won`t see it. We continue this every day except Sundays, till we became rich among our fellow kids.

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