Beyond Suffering

I have a question, and more than a question is an analogy, Some will understand it some will perhaps even judge the idea.In any case. I would like your feedback.If you were to find a child on the street, a child who was suffering, perhaps even hurt or injured in some way and this child […]

Pure Power – Chapter Two

Chapter two Nowhere nearGently opening the door to my chambers, I asked my maids to stay backZeratti!!…I called out the guard came in front of me at, standing like a rock…”why does my parents demands for my attention…..uhhhhm Le’elt Malyshka I really do not know..I just waved my hand dismissively the we began to walk […]

Pure Power – Chapter One

Chapter One RUN!!“Oh pure heaven”“Oh pure heaven”“Oh pure heaven”What have I done, WHAT HAVE I DONE ,I couldn’t stop screaming, I’m still hyperventilating, I have to call someone fastHeading for the door to my chamber everywhere began to get hot, I need to inform someone of my mishap.Being a princess is not just a bed […]

Pure Power

INFO.1) This story is based on history (Ethiopia)2) This story may contain crime scenes and many forms of mishaps3) This story may have little contradictions to the history of Ethiopia4) You may come across some writing hitches5) A feedback is highly welcomed (comment)6) This is an imagination and slight fiction7) Some scenes may be improper […]

The Hardy Way Of Life

Okay, let’s set the scene. You’re a single parent with a child. You work full time for $14. You bring home roughly $800 per paycheck. Your bills: $1000 rent, $150 electrical, $250 car payment, $150 car insurance. So let’s do the math. You bring home about $1600 a month and your bills average about $1550, […]

Lifestyle of Teens

T – Transmission of deadly disease and cursesE – Engaging in sex, disengages your heart from many meaningful activitiesE – Excelling in life becomes practically impossibleN – Nonsense life styles e.g. stealing and cultismA – Actualizing your dreams and maximizing your potential becomes a big challengeG – Godly/Goodly virtues are lostE – Eternity becomes a […]